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digital visiting card

In Digital world most of us are using online services and platform for their business growth and development. Most of the people are on digital platforms like instagram, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. Hence they are able to connect and share information with each other. So we can easily find everything online. Thus it’s so necessary to have your business’s digital presence. That is why we create virtual business card for your business. These Virtual business cards have all the details in simple and shareable format with contact number. Recipient or any client can easily contact you, using this virtual digital card of your business.

digital visiting card
Virtual business Card for business 5

What is purpose of digital business card:

  • Main purpose is that it can help you to connect with your potential customer, business partners and with everyone easily.
  • It can increase your presence online. Hence increase in business opportunities digitally.
  • It can share your professional information such as what is your bushiness and who you are with people.
  • Without installing any app we can easily share this virtual card and also read information through this card.

Purpose of Virtual business card
Virtual business Card for business 6

Why we need a Virtual business card?

Virtual business card is needed because you can share your business information with everyone easily and conveniently. It is new way of connecting your business with customers. It is very much in demand.

What is Virtual business card ?

What is Virtual business card?
Virtual business Card for business 7

Virtual business card is nothing but information about your business in digital format. Information such as what is your Business name, person name, logo, contact information, etc., in digital manner. This information can be in form of image or file. This image or file can be shared with anyone using different sharing options. its also called Digital business card or online business card. With help of this card you can out and connect with many people. Since this is in digital format you can even try adding beautiful designs, links, GIF, etc. to make it more attractive.

Features :

  • Easy to share with everyone
  • Very convenient for use.
  • Easily affordable for your business.
  • Can be edited many times you want.
  • No printing need.
  • Unlimited in quantity.
  • Can be shared on social platforms.
  • We can read data on any device .
  • Attractive and customer interaction possible.

Virtual business card Vs Physical Visiting Card:

Every business needs a business card be it paper based or digital. Firstly, Main reason for using Virtual business card is that it can save paper since no printing needed. Unlike Every business needs a business card be it paper based or digital. Firstly, Main reason for using this card is that it can save paper since no printing needed. Unlike in physical business cards where we have to print information on paper based business card. Thus you can promote your business as environment friendly by using online business card. And it can create good first impression about you and your business on anyone.

Secondly, another reason for using Virtual business card is that it is very interactive. We can use image, video, GIF, links to make interaction with anyone . On the other hand Paper based physical business cards are not interactive and contain static information.

Thirdly, Virtual business card can be shared from any device and stored on any device like laptop, PC’s, Smartphone, tablets, etc. Thus making it available anytime. Whereas paper based business cards you have to carry everywhere with you. More the quantity of paper based business card more the size of card bundle making it difficult to carry.


  • It can be stored, shared and searched easily on single click.
  • Data can be updated with latest information like phone number, email & address without taking extra efforts.
  • It is very inexpensive because it doesn’t required to reprint ,Repair and extra designing cost.
  • You don’t need to take extra efforts to carry this card just we need to carry our Smartphone.
  • You can find new people and contact to them. Hence you can build new relation with clients easily.
  • You can create in Virtual business card with video and images on it.



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