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Digital Business Card for my business

Digital Business Card

Smart people use Smart ways to share their business information.So the quick and efficient way is using their Smartphones through a Digital Business Card application. We are here for you to design simple yet impressive Digital Business Cards for you.

What Is Digital Business Card

It is a  web-based digital card. This card contains all the essential information about you and your business. It shares relevant contact details in just One Click. This card shared using text messages, email, and various social media platforms. Like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

What Digital Business Card Contains

  • Name 
  • Company details
  • Contact information(Contact Number, Email, Website)
  • Inquiry form
  • Relevant Images 

Why you need

An effective business card gets more attention.An eye-catching Digital Business Card filled with relevant information is key to seek the attention of your prospect and grab it for a longer duration.

Who needs It

Every person who wants to share his business information from anywhere with no time. Users share it with multiple aspects like name, position, and contact details. People who love to support paperless business cards to contribute to our environment.

How It works

  • It is a simple web-based link. Customers can share this link using multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Email, Text Message, and various social media platforms
  • Users can view details which you shared with them.
  • Clients can get in touch with you using various ways offered by you in your Digital Visiting Card in just one click.
Digital Business Card
Digital Business Card for my business 5


  • Effective first impression

You can showcase your business story using different features like photo sharing which creates attractive user interaction. 

  • A simple way to connect

We can share it very easily, anywhere and anytime that too multiple customers

  • Cost-effective

Printable visiting cards need printing costs for every single card. In this case, you need to invest only for the first time, but the card can be used multiple times over a period.

  • Easy Update

You can update your business information at any time. Updating a digital visiting card is a very easy and quick process. In the case of printed visiting cards for any changes or update you need to redesign it and give it to printing again. This process is not both cost and time effective. 

  • Eco-friendly

Using Digital Visiting Cards you put a small contribution towards our environment. Printed visiting cards are thrown out or lost by customers in very less period after handing them out. But Digital Business Cards last long in their smartphones.

  • One Click Contact     

             Customers can contact you in just one click using Digital Business Card shared by you. And can contact you through multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,Website or Direct Call with no time.        

The process to grab your Digital Business Card

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  • Visit Add New Listing Page.
  • Fill Essential Business Listing Details.  
  • Click on Review listing, if you fill all the correct information then you will go to the Preview listing and Payment tab.
  • After verifying all the information and successful payment, You will get your Digital Business Card link and business listing on our site.
  • In the case of any queries, we are always there to help you.



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