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Why use Google Tag for business website?

Website is big platform for your customer to show your business information and services easily. It’s important to know that how people are visiting your website and also taking interested on your website services. It’s not important that website have small business, big business or its for your personal use, main thing is that how people interact with your site or make any purchase etc. so we need some report and with the help of this report we can analysis the data and do some changes in our website .Google Analytics gives you important data and insights of your website but with the Google tag manager you can collect descriptive information and detail data report about your website .Google tags can play very important part in data analysis report .

Google tag is a Google’s product .it’s a tool which is very simple to use and web based interface, easily accessible. We can easily make changes in tags like add, edit and disable tags without changing any source code in GTM. It’s a short code or tracking pixel code which we can embed on every page of website or any mobile application to collect data. in simple way we can say that  Google Tags  can share information from one source like your website to another source like Google analytics .so GTM transfer information from one place to another through Google tags .GTM is very user friendly and you can manage multiple tags at time  because all source codes are stored in one place .

What we can track with Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

  • Website page views
  • User Engagements
  • Track accelerated mobile pages(AMP)
  • Track mobile applications
  • Clicks
  • Forms
  • Sales
  • Remarketing
  • Conversions
  • Track video players
  • Track comments ,chats 
  • Brower related information
  • Pdf download 


  • Easy to use (coding knowledge is not required)
  • You can track multiple sites at a time.
  • You can create, change and update tags in very less time.
  • With Google Tag Manager you can log in, view, and modify your tags instantly.
  • Data can be tracked by third-party tags.
  • Easily find errors and fix it in very less time.
  • It can help to load website fast.
  • It can works with non Google products.

So you have seen how Google Tags are important to create any data report of website and also many advantages of Google tag manager. So when you use it for your business website it will give you  definitely best result .so with Moonlight Digital Services we can give you this latest feature for your business website ,if you want to know more about it then please click o n below link:



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