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Digital Business Card in india

As per today’s COVID condition, it is necessary to move our work paperless that means Digital. Everything around us is digital now, then why the visiting card is not virtual go for Digital Business Card.

Go digital to grow your business…….Motivate your client digitally by using smart Digital Business card.

We are providing services to exchange visiting cards digitally with less time in an efficient way.

Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card:

  • Features of Digital Business Card
  • How does it work?
  • Benefits of Digital Visiting Card over Old-fashioned paper visiting card.
  • Create your Digital Card like Digital card demo here

Features of Digital Visiting Card:

digital visiting card
Digital Business Card in India 9

Contact Section of Digital Business Card:

digital marketing features
  1. Clients have reached you just by one click on the call button on a digital visiting card.
  2. Even if your contact number is not stored in the client’s mobile device/phone directory, the customer will reach you by clicking on the WhatsApp button on a digital visiting card.
  3. Only through one click on the email icon on the digital business card, the client will able to send you to email without spending much time.
  4. Customers will drop enquiries by just clicking on the enquiry button on the digital business card.

Profile Section of Digital Business Card:

digital visiting card exchange
  1. Customers can visit the company website anytime on one click.
  2. Customers will get information about the company in just one click.
  3. Clients will reach your place by using a location map that is on digital vCard.

Social Section of Digital Business Card:

  1. Customers can visit your social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram with the help of a visiting card in less time without having to enter URL.

How does of Digital Card work:

Create your business card and share it in a few steps:

card exchange
Paperless exchange of Digital Visiting Cards

1.Register a free account

2.Sign in with credentials

3.Select listing categories

for ex. Business to business, Cleaning Services, Clothes & Fashion Shops, Computers, E-commerce, Education, General Shops, Housekeeping Services, IT & Software, Industrial Plants, Machinery & Equipment, Local Services, Services-other etc. as per your business.

4. Fill up the Listing Details and also all essential business details in the form.

5.Upload Business related images while creating a smart digital visiting card.

6.Preview Listing and Payments options according to plan you choose

7. Lastly, Listing Successfully published by clicking on the checkout and publish button.

8.Now share your digital visiting card easily through many simple ways and increase your market.

Benefits of Digital visiting Cards over old-fashioned paper visiting cards:

digital visiting card

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages over others.

So, now we go through the difference between both type of the visiting cards paper based and digital.

Some of the Pros and Cons of Paper-based Cards and Digital Business Cards are listed below:

Paper-Based Business Cards


1. This visiting card will give directly hand to hand so it attracts customer’s attention quickly. Also, the thickness of the paper plays an important role in this type of visiting card.

2. All people who having or not having any knowledge of digital technology will able to share this type of visiting card with the people.

3. Due to Paper business cards, both customer and service provider will meet one to one.


1. The cost of paper-based visiting cards is not affordable to all.

2. Editing in a paper visiting card is not possible, if any of the business information changed, then you have to print again visiting cards from outside, this will again cost an expensive job.

3. Customers will get this type of visiting card from many places, and it is difficult to manage all the business cards after a long time, most of the time these cards go to the dustbin also.

4. These cards are made from paper and will get paper from trees, so indirectly these types of visiting cards affect our environment.

Digital Visiting Cards

  1. You can easily share business cards digitally via social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc within a second.
  2. If you are using a digital visiting card, then this type of marketing strategy makes you different from the people who are still using paper-based visiting cards. And it will impress your clients.
  3. A Digital visiting card is not limited to the only information which shows on the paper card, you have the facility provided to add multiple media files in this digital card. You can add your business videos, images to the digital card which will be shared with your clients digitally.
  4. You can store business information very conveniently in one place, using this type of business marketing mode.
  5. Updating paper visiting cards is very costly due to the redesign and reprint process whereas updating information in digital visiting cards is very simple.
  6. Digital visiting cards are cost-effective.
  7. Digital visiting cards save papers indirectly it saves trees and hence does not damage our environment.
  1. Due to a lack of education and also less money to buy mobile devices many people are far away from this digital technology
  2. Because of Visiting cards are shared with customer digitally, relationship with the customer is weakened.
  3. Sometimes digital visiting card app has errors, so it is very important to check the app function before purchase.
  4. For a Digital visiting card, it is necessary to have internet access for both side parties, without internet access you are not able to share a business card.

So, hurry up what are you waiting for………..

      Go Digital…….and grow your business network smartly.

SAVE PAPER SAVE TREES.…….act smart be smart as a smart digital business card.

Create your first Digital Business Card here

So, without wasting time go for digital……….

Try our Free business card here

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