Email Marketing Is Still Important. Still make a stand in digital marketing.

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Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

Email Marketing Is Still Important

Email marketing is one of the old forms of digital marketing. And many people think that it won’t survive in this era of Digital Marketing. As there are new digital marketing strategies evolving like ppc, social media marketing, content marketing, app marketing etc., and they are becoming popular day by day. Also with some personal email experiences like spamming, archiving  and unwanted promotional emails made one to think that Email marketing won’t work. But this is not the real case. Yes you heard it correctly, and why email marketing is still important? You will come to know shortly.

Almost every smartphone user has their personal email account and most of the professionals have their official email account. And the count of email users are increasing from day by day. Let’s consider the actual numbers,as per survey in this year i.e. 2020 the world wide email users were 3.9 billions and till 2023 it will cross 4.3 billion mark.

We all encounter the situation that, for registering any online service we need to have a valid email account. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Now you tell me did you see any chance of getting email marketing dead? Let me give you one more example , if you are looking for some good service or product and surf the internet for the same. You sign up with some really good sites and wait to make your final decision. And you get an email with a really exciting offer from one of the sites with which you had registered and this makes it easy to decide your final call. In this way service providers get their happy customers by properly applying their email marketing strategy.

Know you are getting the things clear,right? Let me tell you some points in brief to get more clear.

Top Reasons On The Importance Of Email Marketing

  • Allows targeted and personalized message

 Email messages can sent to one or more specifically targeted customers depending on the requirement. Marketer’s can personalized or customized them for different types of audience with the feeling of reaching them personally.

  • Reach your audience in real time

As the use of mobile phones increases, people prefer to check their mail on their smartphones.Good email marketing strategy will definitely hit such audience.

  • Can definitely reach your audience 

Unlike social ads, email cannot be missed by any targeted audience as emails always reach your customer’s inbox. A well designed email will definitely engage your targeted audience.

  • Affordable Digital Marketing Strategy

 It is one of the cost-effective digital marketing with one of the highest returns on investments (ROIs).

  • Easy to measure

Most of the email marketing tools offer the services to track records of their email campaigns. What happens after the email is sent to the prospects. What is email open rate ,click rate ,bounce rate, subscription rate and many more metrics. Using these metrics you can plan further marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Email testing

Using proper email testing tools with focused goals, will treat you with valuable and customer data with relevant business touch points.

  • Email automation power

Many email marketing tools offer email automation capability and using which one can plan smarter email campaigns with time effectiveness.



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