Digital Visiting Card



As per today’s COVID condition, it is necessary to move our work paperless that means digital. Everything around us is digital now, then why the visiting card is not virtual.Go digital to grow your business……

Motivate your client digitally by using smart e business cards.

We are providing services to exchange visiting cards digitally with less time in an efficient way.

So, hurry up what are you waiting for………..

Go Virtual…….and grow your business network smartly.

Benefits of Paperless Card:

  1. You can easily share business cards digitally via social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc within a second.
  2. If you are using a smart visiting card, then this type of marketing strategy makes you different from the people who are still using paper-based visiting cards. And it will impress your clients.
  3. This card is not limited to the only information which shows on the paper card, you have the facility provided to add multiple media files in this digital card. You can add your business videos, images to the digital card which will be shared with your clients digitally.
  4. You can store business information very conveniently in one place, using this type of business marketing mode.
  5. Updating paper visiting cards is very costly due to the redesign and reprint process whereas updating information in smart visiting cards is very simple.
  6. This type of cards are cost-effective.
  7. It save papers indirectly it saves trees and hence does not damage our environment.


SAVE PAPER SAVE TREES.…….act smart be smart as a smart digital business card.

Create your first Digital card here

 So, without wasting time go for digital……….

Get Your Digital business card from link Get Free Digital Business Card

  1. Reachable everywhere and anytime(24×7)
  2. 1-click to contact directly(call,whatsapp,sms,email)
  3. Any time update your card, and contacts will see your updated info of Business Card always.
  4. Great First Impact
  5. Very simple and quick way to send your contact information to your customers
  6. Lead generation form.


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